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The term self employed often referred as to the individual who work according to his own pace. Most of the freelancers also fall into this category. Freelancers are those independent who offers some sort of services in exchange of some currency mostly according to their contracts. Freelancing allows one to work according to his/her flexibility and allows control in ones hand. If you are new to freelancing or just started to know about freelancing I hope this article is worth for seeking advice. until todays date internet is flooded with information I am going to share some of the freelance YouTube channel which you should keep in consideration while starting your freelance life.

Note: These are the top 5 freelance YouTube according to my understanding and consideration there are hundreds of other doing really remarkable work in their field of interest.


Chris is literally the one who is found every where. that’s what is punchline is taking about ” LIVE AND WORK AYWHERE” and that’s what make him different from other’s. Chris channel exclusively allocated to or intended for a particular nomadic manner. he work’s remotely from foreign countries documenting the Digital Nomad movement.

so what Chris basically is teaching? His YouTube channel is all about helping individual to be exceptionally proficient in freelancing in to pursue carrier as a Digital nomad. A YouTuber, blogger and all in all informative content creator.

Chris is self taught web developer and teach number of students through

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JOHN MORRIS is eagerly willing to teach new coders, those who want to make carrier out it and to take a leap ahead in their coding life. John is empowering hundreds and thousands of new coders to excel in their professional life. He make vids about web-development, web designing (one to all) about web he teaches HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript to develop skillset and to turn coding as full-time carrier. he also focuses on online marketing how to get their client, how to deal with client, how to manage portfolio best out of to seek client’s attention for people who wanted to make best out of from freelance business.


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Courtney Johnston:(The Rule Breaker’s Club)

Courtney Johnston : A professional copywriter who is creator of (The Rule Breaker’s Club) sharing content related how to get started with ones own business according to your own flexibility. How to generates leads and to sell product and services. Helping as a professional advisor with prosecutable advices to sell excellence. building launch mindset to get started with, How to target right audience to interact with client and customer in your favor converting customer from cold categories who are just getting started to know about you to warm and then to hot (your potential client) customer.

She have a very addictive and interacting content empowering hundreds of people to start earning making full- time income source from their businesses.

if you are into copywriting give a worth visit to her site. Click here!

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SAM DEY(Deytips):

Sam Dey is one of a kind, He is trying to help small business, freelancers, all in all one who is all by him/her-self (self employed). He teaches to to make powerful conversion sites(web pages) to empower oneself. A specialized trainer and a professional advisor, counselor as a digital marketer with tips, tricks and strategies. A YouTube channel which provides marketing strategies, sales strategies more over the art of traffic conversion as well as affiliate and email marketing. the one who is interested in learning digital marketing and conversion site should give a visit.

(E commerce strategies, Marketing strategies (affiliate \ email), Sales strategies, Traffic conversion)

He has one of the best selling course on Udemy to check out click here!

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Charli Marie TV:

Charlie Marie is an inspiring blogger, graphics and web designer enabling hundreds of people to start their freelance life. Helping others to with actionable tips and strategies to improve creativeness in composing and preparing projects and enabling them to generate leads.

if you are one looking forward tips as a designer as well as writing, blog tips and tricks should check out her channel

Click Here! for YouTube channel.

Click here! to give a visit to her site.

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It all sum up to that there are are hundreds of people who are excellent in their niches and teaching around and empowering others to start their carrier whether as a coder, developer, content writer, blogger, marketer or it can be any other subject. So this was it, I was sharing some of creators to start your freelance journey.

It ends at a question: Are you ready to give What it takes?.




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